Beads are made in several size ranges.

The basic size range offers 20 sizes altogether, sizes are stated in special marking in x/0. The smallest size is 15/0 (diameter approx. 1,5mm), the diameter of 1/0 is approx. 6,5mm. The size range is further enhanced by sizes 31, 32, 33 a 34 (the biggest size of diameter is approx. 8mm). The smallest beads are marked with the highest number (15/0).

The length of bugles is stated in co-called lines, one line equals 2,25mm (sizes ½" ,1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6").
Longer measurements that are usually used for Christmas decoration making and various broaches  are also stated in lines (6,7" = 15mm, 8,9" = 20mm, 11,1" = 25mm, 13.3" = 30mm a 15,6" = 30mm).

Tube measurements are usually stated in millimetres.