The Nanyuan Hotel, Ningbo, China

PRECIOSA’s illuminated spiral dominates the Nanyuan hotel lobby. The inspiration behind this masterpiece was the diamond – a mineral that connotes luxury and wealth. The spiral is made up of a series of pyramids, whose triangular shape symbolize the famous diamond cut – the brilliant. The author of the piece is PRECIOSA’s Chief Designer, Jaroslav Bejvl, Jr.

The hardest minerals are formed from octagon, dodecagon and cubic carbon crystals. 1500 pyramids spiral down its 11m length.  Each facet is an original piece in its own right, and each pyramid has its own exact place and position. Each segment was also cut and ground individually depending on its specific location on the piece. The triangles of opal plate glass, with large amounts of crystal, were affixed in a pyramid shape using copper edging in a stained-glass technique.  Altogether 420 kg of tin was used in this process.  This self-supporting fixture with a diameter of five meters hangs on a nine core anchors with 18 secondary ones in order to better spread the weight. The spiral is made up of a total of 51 pyramids and 280 separate points of light.