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Aladdin Gold Creations

Aladdin Gold Creations is a well known wholesaler of fine jewelry for over 40 years, serving retail jewelers of all sizes in the United States. From its offices in the Chicago suburbs and its 6 sales representatives, Aladdin is well situated to make on time deliveries of its various product lines. Most important and as part of its mission statement is the significance of its’ customer service. We are gratified by the acceptance of our clients in our ongoing efforts to maximize their sales efforts. “Going the extra mlle and giving that extra effort separates us from our competitors” says Wayne Levy, president. “ Our commitment to helping our customers quickly and effieciently is what drives us every day” according to Katrina Ponce, office manager. Any and all inquiries are handled in the same manner, with courtesy and honesty.
Aladdin Gold Creations, incorporated in 1972, has been a direct importer and wholesaler of fine jewelry. Their sources are the best and forward thinking companies from Italy, Turkey, Israel, Thailand , Hong Kong and now the Czech Republic. The products sold by the company include, sterling silver, sterling silver with 14kt. gold elements and diamonds. As the retail market evolves, Aladdin has always been quick to react to changing norms and styles and based their product lines on what the marketplace requires.
The company is proud of its long association with its sales representatives, many whom have been with Aladdin for over 10 years. The list below shows the representative and their information:



Phone number

Northern Illinois Mike Falanga 847-456-3674
Northwest Indiana Mike Falanga
Northeast Iowa Dan Nicholas 414-321-4167
Wisconsin Dan Nicholas
Minnesota Dan Nicholas
Ohio Debbie McCrandall 419-450-8996
Michigan Debbie McCrandall
Indiana Debbie McCrandall
Maryland Joel Berman 410-299-3884
Washington D.C. metro area Joel Berman
Virginia Joel Berman
Delaware Joel Berman
Central&southern Illinois Bob Schneider 314-486-1166
Missouri Bob Schneider
Iowa Bob Schneider
Kansas Bob Schneider
Nebraska Bob Schneider
Oklahoma Bob Schneider
Tennesee Beverly Goddard 662-416-2146
Alabama Beverly Goddard
Georgia Beverly Goddard
Mississippi Beverly Goddard
Louisiana Beverly Goddard

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