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Classical Elegance

The Classical Elegance line is characterized by its subtle sophistication and delicate elegance – making it a timeless classic. Treasured from generation to generation, the individual pieces and collections that make up Classical Elegance have a place in every woman’s repertoire – regardless of age, style or taste.
Classical Elegance is divided into two product lines: Silver Elegance a Crystal Classics.

Crystal Classics emphasizes the beauty and charm of each woman with its timeless beauty. From the simplest of pendants that can be worn to the office or around town to the more luxurious evening wear, this product line offers a range of sparkling pieces from which to choose.

Silver Elegance distinguishes itself with its unparalleled brilliance and precise faceting. Made, as the name suggests, with the highest quality 925 silver this product line underlines the natural elegance and careful workmanship characteristic of fine crystal.

Silver Elegance

 Crystal Classics

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