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Limited Edition

Penguin Family - The 2013 limited series


The Crystal Gallery collection has been expanded to include a cut crystal decoration which depicts an endearing family of penguins.
In today’s hectic world, this can be considered to constitute a symbol of family happiness. When a pair of penguins mates in the wild, they remain faithful throughout their entire lives. They are caring parents and dedicate a lot of attention to their young.

The crystal ”Penguin Family” decoration is the result of the
work of the talented designer Iva Pasecká, who was enchanted by glass artwork from her early childhood. This modest, romantic and somewhat bohemian artist loves animals and walking through nature.

The new ”Penguin Family” figure w ill be issued in a limited
collector’s series of 300 items.



魔法鱼 - 2012限量系列

魔法鱼水晶为2012年限量水晶系列产品. 此款美

轮美奂产品由设计师Iva Pasecká成功设计.该天才



魔法鱼为水晶画廊系列, 该系列采用捷克经典切割





Blue Jay- 2011 Limited Edition



The cut crystal decoration of the “Blue Jay” is a limited edition piece for 2011 which has been launched in the Crystal Gallery collection. It
is a charming decorative piece from the workshop of the experienced designer, Iva Pasecká. This talented designer has successfully created
the form of a delightful fledgling in cut crystal.
With just a fleeting embrace of the sun’s rays, it begins to “sing” its melodic song which is full of wonderful brilliance and harmony. This song is just as penetrating and beautiful as the song of the Blue Jay which experts rank among the songbirds. Apart from its song, the Blue Jay is also known to be very courageous and intelligent and to have a highly distinctive relationship with its young. However, probably not many people know that the Blue Jay is also a very good imitator. It is able to imitate the call of a crane, for example. It often uses this ability to deceive other species.
We hope that this charming cut-crystal figure will change your everyday world into a magical world full of harmony and brilliance.

The new “Blue Jay” figure will be issued in a limited collectors’ series of 300 items.





Blue Tit - 2010 Limited Edition

Blue Tit is a new addition to the Crystal Gallery collection and is a limited series ground class decoration for 2010. It is a most accomplished work from the studio of the successful artist Iva Pasecka.
This designer has long sought after a way in which to express the desire for happiness and love in life. It was indeed St. Valentine, the patron of all those in love, who led her to her inspiration. She recalled, you see, a short pearl of wisdom by St. Valentine, which says: „Should an unmarried girl wish to see what man life has in store for her, all she needs to do is watch the birds as they flock across the sky on St. Valentines day. If they see a blue tit, then the love of a very happy person will enter their life.

The new figures, „Blue Tit“ are issued in a limited edition of 300 pcs.


White Bengal Tiger - 2010 Limited Edition

A new collection of crystal tigers has been specially prepared for the year 2010. According to the Chinese horoscope, this is the year of the Tiger.
This is a wonderfully acomplished work of art from the studio of the successful artist Iva Pasecka. The artist chose this figure after searching for a symbol of masculitnity, courage and leadership, all of which the tiger trully symbolizes..
In Chinese mythology, the tiger is the symbol of strength and power. People born under this sign are very popular, intelligent, and attractive. As they are very confident in their own abilities, they are successful.

Our White Bengal Tiger is part of the 2009 Limited Edition Crystal Collection, a series of only 300 pieces.



River Kingfishers  - 2009 Limited Edition

Kingfishers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 10cm (4 inches) to 45cm (18 inches).  Inspired by the River Kingfisher, or common kingfisher, our master artisan Iva Pasecká created this sparkling homage to one of the smallest species of this Alcedinidae family. 
In Egyptian mythology these birds represent harmony.  Ancient Egyptians believed that when they saw the characteristically blue-orange feathers of the kingfisher on the river shores it would bring peace and serenity to the home for forty days.
Our two River Kingfishers are part of the 2009 Limited Edition Crystal Collection, a series of only 500 pieces.


Coral Fish - 2008 Limited Edition

The Coral Reef Fish is the 2008 Limited Edition crystal figurine released as part of the Crystal Gallery Collection. Inspired by Francis Bacon’s quote that “friendship multiplies happiness and halves grief” Veronika Běloušková designed this piece to express the theme of lifelong friendship and faithfulness.  The two colourful companions swim together in perfect harmony underlining how true friendship is an inseparable part of human hapiness.
The cut crystall figurine Coral Reef Fish is a small celebration of true friendship that multiplies happiness with its brilliance and sparkle in every-day life.
The Coral Reef Fish is part of the Limited Edition Crystal Collection with only 500 pieces produced worldwide. 

Two Parrots - 2007 Limited Edition

Designed by our very own Master Artisan Iva Pasecká, Two Parrots bring to life the fine elegance and magical brilliance of genuine Bohemian cut crystal.  As in nature, these two love birds are huddled together in perfect harmony, personifying their Greek roots for their true name, Agapornis, which stems from the words agape and ornis, or love and bird.
Our two friends are special in another way as well. 
Not only are they part of our exclusive Crystal Gallery series, but the two love birds are also part of the 2007 Limited Edition Crystal Collection of which there are only 500 pieces worldwide! 
Sold out !

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