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CREATE FW2016 17

CREATE - Fall & Winter 2016-17 Inspirations

We’ve seen a diverse mix of styles for the FW 2016-2017 season on the world’s premiere runways. From starkly futuristic to monochrome nostalgia, we have picked up on one that especially resonated with us: the 1970’s natural free-form, bohemian style. It is this all-new flowing, yet stylish boho-chic style, which blurs the boundaries between melodies, epochs, and cultures that was the inspiration behind our latest product introductions. more
Winning couple - Marie Doležalová a Marek Zelinka


The seventh Czech StarDance (StarDance…když hvězdy tančí) competition, the highlight of the fall 2015 broadcast season, has come to an end. The dance show, the equivalent of Britain‘s Strictly Come Dancing, is very popular in the Czech Republic. Each of the ten StarDance episodes was followed by over 1.3 million fans and accounted for more than one third of all Czech television viewers. The dancing competitors all sparkled with our PRECIOSA Crystal Components, which adorned all dresses, costumes and accessories during the competition.  more
SPFW2015   Samuel Cirnansk

PRECIOSA Brings Sparkle and Elegance to Cirnansck Nature-Inspired Designs

Samuel Cirnansck unveiled his graceful Winter 2016 Collection at São Paulo Fashion Week in October. Hints of the first frost were in the air as the Brazilian designer took us for a delightful nature-inspired walk through a late autumnal forest. more


Deep in the snowy forests, in the heart of Europe, shines an icy beauty so magical and so magnificent that kings and queens from all four corners of the earth coveted it for centuries. They travelled far and wide to seek it out, and bring home some of its luminous brilliance. This treasure, perhaps one of the best kept secrets of today’s Czech Republic, is none other than pristine, immaculate, lyrical CRYSTAL.

CRYSTAL made by PRECIOSA. more

Rediscover the Beauty of MAXIMA Pure

Step into a world that is sparkling and seemingly untouched by human hands. It is elegant in its simplicity. Its true colours shine through as light reflects and refracts, playfully dancing on its surface like the sun’s rays on a shimmering sea. But just like an ocean, MAXIMA Pure has substance within its depths that may not be apparent at first glance. Its mesmerizing crystal and cut are underlined with the consistency, confidence, and certification you have come to expect for our premium product line. more
SKODA Superb Black Crystal

PRECIOSA has adorned the ŠKODA AUTO Superb Black Crystal concept car

The prestigious exhibition of design and fashion represents a unique collaboration between two Czech giants. The PRECIOSA glassworks are significantly involved with the studio installation of a ŠKODA Superb Black from ŠKODA AUTO, which will have its world premier presented at the 17th annual Designblok. more
PRECIOSA is a partner of 7th season StarDance.

StarDance shines with PRECIOSA

StarDance, the Czech edition of the well-known and popular British dance competition Strictly Come Dancing, started its 7th season on October 17th. We are honoured that this year the show’s creators chose PRECIOSA Crystal Components as one of their partners! more
Inspiring Fashion & Accessory Creations with SS2016 Innovations

Inspiring Fashion & Accessory Creations with SS2016 Innovations

It seems that our latest set of product innovations has truly inspired fashion designers all over the world. Even we are (pleasantly!) surprised to see the wonderful variations and uses our Spring and Summer 2016 CREATE Inspirations has spawned. more
CREATE SS2016 Jewellery

Inspiring Creations with SS2016 Innovations

Touched by our magical spirit of crystal creativity, sparkling jewellery designs using our latest SS2016 Collection of new product innovations are starting to roll in. more
PRECIOSA and the Blonds at NYFW 2015

Preciosa Crystals Have A „Blond“ Moment

Czech Brand Shines on The Blonds NYFW S/S 2016 Runway.

Preciosa returned for its third season of New York Fashion Week with the designer duo The Blonds. The nightime fashion show inspired by Egypt took place on September 16 at MADE at Milk Studios in New York City. This very girly, sparkly show was attended by such stars as Bette Midler, Kelly Osbourne, Nigel Barker and many others celebrities. more