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CREATE   Inspirations for SS2016

CREATE - Inspirations for Spring and Summer 2016

Our latest new product introductions open the door to a whole new set of possibilities for the SS 2016 season and beyond! From an elegantly masculine new shape, to an exotically feminine new colour, from new sew-ons to innovative bandings, from classical bridal to the hottest new metal plating on the market, the Bohemian crystal and glass-making masters bring you a brilliant assortment of new sparkling INSPIRATIONS from which to CREATE. more
PRECIOSA Crystal Components at India Couture Week 2015

PRECIOSA and Narula at INDIA Couture Week

The magic and grandeur of India’s Raj days shined during the FDCI India Couture Week (ICW) this summer and PRECIOSA was there in the midst of it. As the Crystal Partner of the five-day New Delhi fashion extravaganza, the Czech crystal magnate rubbed shoulder’s with India’s fashion elite, Bollywood stars, socialites and top media. more

PRECIOSA Models Elegant Trophies for Tour de France

Just as the Tour de France is instantly recognizable as one of the most prestigious international cycling events, crystal trophies have become one of the winning symbols of this popular multi-day race. The basic characteristics of the trophy‘s design has remained unchanged over the years, the only difference from year to year being the type and workmanship of the glass. The 2015 edition is unique thanks to the brand new StarDust® technique developed at PRECIOSA, the Czech company that made these impressive trophies for the first time this year. more
Cubic Zircomia and Gems - Product Catalogue 2015

New Product Catalogue of PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia & Gems

The PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia & Gems company just came out with its latest catalogue. In it you will find a complete overview of its products in the available colours, shapes and sizes, including the new 2015 Fancy Stone, the Bead 74 Cut. more
PRECIOSA hockey medals1

Preciosa Creates Medals for 2015 Men's World Ice Hockey Championship

This weekend the best of the best will be taking a little bit of Czech crystal home with them.
The gold, silver and bronze championship medals for the Men’s World Ice Hockey Championship currently underway in Prague were designed by Czech designer and architect Ulrich Sladek.

Join PRECIOSA at JCK Las Vegas and the Blackpool Dance Festival

Come and marvel at the beauty of our crystal components live at one or both of these spectacular events! Visit our booth at the prestigious Blackpool dance competition in the UK or cross the Atlantic with us and join us at the renowned JCK jewellery tradeshow in Las Vegas. more
Innovations 2015 - Bead 74 Cut

Cubic Zirconia & Gems Innovations 2015

Don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to touch the latest fashion trends! We would like to present you our Innovations 2015 – Bead 74 Cut – machine cut bead with precise cut. Its durability and perfection of cut assure jewellery manufacturers that offer the best quality product which will not wear down or lose its brilliance. more
Innovations 2015

CREATE – Inspirations for Spring and Summer 2015

We would like to introduce you to our latest PRECIOSA Crystal Components that are both inspirational and should significantly help out designers during their creative process. more
Crystal Venus - Colour of the Year 2015

Fall in Love with the 2015 Colour of the Year – the Sensuous CRYSTAL VENUS!

In 2015 we remain in the reddish tones of the colour wheel, though this time with distinct earthy and robust underpinnings. The alluring CRYSTAL VENUS is sending Cupid’s arrow your way to strike (we hope!) a resounding cord in your heart! more
Preciosa and Pantone SS2016

New PRECIOSA & PANTONE SS2016 Fashion Accessory Colour Trends

Once again PRECIOSA Crystal Components and PANTONE bring you the latest trends in the world of fashion accessories: this time for the 2016 Spring and Summer Season. Combining the season’s textile colour predictions with matching colours of PRECIOSA Crystal Components, this colour trend forecasting tool gives you the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. more