The Masters of Crystal


General Warning

Loose crystal can represent a danger for children in cases of a swallow up or a breath in. Stones are intended for decorative purposes only and in no case should be used like a toy.
In case of a swallow up or breath in contact a doctor.

Danger of jewellery stones is represented by their geometrical and mechanical features (size, dissolubility) that can cause similar problems like any other natural stone, sand or any other inorganic solid substance.
Do not leave children unattended when working with loose stones. In case you cannot safeguard such an attention Preciosa recommends you to prevent children from loose stones.

There is no danger of solution of chemicals and/or any other dangerous substances for a human body when handling or using crystal stones.

More in: ikona souboruPreciosa Declaration of Possible Effects of Lead in Glass on Human Healthikona souboru
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