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Fashion Jewellery Stones

Preciosa’s machine cut Fashion Jewellery Stones are available in a wide range of colours and metal coatings.

Besides having traditional shades, we also have colours that are exclusively ours. The entire Preciosa colour palette guarantees stability of shades, perfect colour and sparkling brilliance. Preciosa Fashion Jewellery Stones are recognized as one of the most resistant stones in the marketplace. The continued improvement of our foiling process has kept us ahead of competing products. High-quality foiling helps to reduce mistakes in the soldering technique and contributes to the perfect appearance of the stone. It also guarantees jewellery manufacturers an extremely efficient manufacturing process.

Round Stones, Channel
MAXIMA by Preciosa® is our latest lead-free product line and has the highest quality and environmental certification.  The MC Chaton MAXIMA, the first product in this collection, combines patented, highly optically-aesthetic lead-free crystal with a brilliant 15-faceted cut. The OPTIMA line remains in our product offering.

Fancy Stones, Ball
Our assortment of Round Stones is completed with a wide range of Fancy Stones that are available in original and traditional shapes. Both of these are popular with jewellery manufacturers. Using the latest technology, Preciosa has produced Fancy Stones that are recognized for their precise cut, resistance and excellent optical and aesthetic properties.

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Colours and Coatings

New colours and coating!
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Shapes Overview

New MAXIMA shape!

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Size Converter for MAXIMA Chatons

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Most Common Units of Measure

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