The Masters of Crystal

A summary of the technology

Square pieces, metal coatings, laser cutting – The Child Criminality Prevention Award
It is possible to create any arbitrary trophy shape using square rods with a cross section of 50 x 50 mm. The square piece can be cut and its shape can be further modified. The technology of applying a metal coating to the crystal has been use on the depicted trophy. The logo has been lasered into the metal coating.

Logo – Valentine - Pendant Ag 925, crystal AB; Linda - Phone Accessory Charm, crystal
The catalogue costume jewellery can be supplemented with the customer’s logo upon request. Here is the sandblasted mascot of the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai as an example. Colour logos can be achieved using tampon printing technology.

Chaton roses – Flower Preciosa
The crystal products and their bases can be further supplemented with small coloured and metal-coated crystal stones from the range of Preciosa cut stones. As an example, we have presented the stones adhered in the shape of the company’s logo.

Water-jet cutting – the Avon ribbon
It is possible to achieve various shapes from flat coloured glass which has been cut here into the shape of a ribbon. The main motif is placed on a cut crystal base.

The combination of material – The Russian shooting trophy
The trophy combines cut glass, cubic zirconia stones, metalwork and a wooden base. It is possible to place a plaque with a text on the base according to the customer’s requirements.


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