The Masters of Crystal


The vision of crystal beauty and pure elegance is woven in at the retail level as well.  Supported by point-of-sale material, the main focus of Preciosa’s retail image and international brand recognition is based on centuries of tradition and craftsmanship, and focuses on crystal’s most alluring properties: pure, clean lines, natural beauty, and sparkling elegance. 

Preciosa’s retail concept consists of a similarly simple, streamlined and elegant system that is flexible and sizeable, allowing the retailer to customize and adapt to their  desired investment level.

The three options are:
- Display Corner
- Shop-in-shop
- Preciosa Retail Location


Czech Republic - Liberec

Czech Republic - Prague

Czech Republic - Brno




Taiwan - Taipei

 China - Shanghai

 China - Shenzhen




Albania - Tirana

Austria - Wien

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo



Colombia - Bogota

 Venezuela - Caracas

Azerbaijan - Baku


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