The Masters of Crystal

The Birth of Elegance

The birth of a new crystal figurine or piece of jewellery is not unlike the creation of a new being, or an artistic masterpiece.

It begins with a love affair:  the  artist’s undying adoration of the purity and beauty of crystal, an enchanting and captivating master.  Starting in the deep wells of creation, the  artist’s captures the essence of the initial inspiration.  The idea begins to take shape and gain momentum as it rises through the development and modeling process, gradually takes on its physical form, and finally crescendos in an exalted/ultimate rapture of fine crystal elegance.


The Inspiration
The kiss of the muse: the first flash of insight

The Sketch 
The first notes of the masterpiece are recorded, as ink meets paper
 The Plaster Model 
 A palpable hint of the beauty to come
The CAD Model 
An image comes to light, in modern prose
The masterpiece takes on its physical shape, and piece by piece the promise of a new life form begins to crystallize 
Cutting and Polishing 
The addition of facets, carefully and precisely positioned, transforms the unshapely into an endlessly sparkling rainbow of light
Assembly by Hand 
ndividual pieces come together with careful fine-tuning to prepare the final masterpiece

The Final Crescendo 
In unison with each other, loving hands breathe life into the final form, revealing it for the first time in all its exquisite beauty and elegance.

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