The Masters of Crystal



Crystal and Colours in Preciosa

Magic Crystal
"Born in flames, yet impersonating cool beauty that cannot leave you cold” – these words are a concise description of people’s age-long admiration for crystal. Long ago, our ancestors were astonished when staring at the rainbow flashes emitted by a fragment of mountain crystal reflecting sun rays. It is no wonder that they credited the pure mineral with supernatural properties and believed that it could save them from bad powers. Motivated by their eternal fascination with the glitter of precious stones, people wanted to possess their own source of glaring rays. They invented crystal and endowed it with their pattern of beauty, purity and perfection.

People Found an Equivalent Substitute for Genuine Stone 
The high price and inaccessibility of mountain crystal prompted a search for ways to manufacture a man-made material with similar qualities. The clear glass technology was the right way to find a solution. Melting a mixture of the purest materials (quartz sand, soda, potash, minium and other admixtures) at high temperatures yielded crystal glass.

Centuries-proven Quality
Preciosa is a world-known producer of cut stones of Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTALTM.
It is situated in the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe where glassmaking has been a traditional craft for hundreds of years. The company succeeded in continuing with the knowledge and skills of the previous generations of glassmakers. The company’s unique know-how made its way among the world’s leading suppliers of fashion jewellery stones, beads and many other products.

Crystal Glass
Preciosa’s own glassworks produce the finest crystal for the manufacturing of fashion jewellery components. The company has developed its own formulas for crystal glass melting as well as cutting and polishing technologies and other refining techniques.

Colour Glass
"Colour crystal" – this frequently used phrase is seemingly contradictory yet the opposite is true. This phrase simply expresses the supreme quality of Czech glass made in Preciosa; glass with unmistakable brilliance, prefect purity and glaring bright colours. Most colours are indistinguishable from the colours of precious stones that gave the individual hues their names (for instance: topaz, sapphire, amethyst, etc.). Colour glass is also Preciosa’s own product.

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