The Masters of Crystal

About us

Our Mission

We combine traditional craftsmanship, modern glassmaking technologies and unique artistic design, to create exclusive, timeless, cut crystal.
We are committed, through teamwork and partnership, to build the Preciosa brand worldwide as a symbol of quality Czech crystal, craftsmanship, brilliance and beauty.
We strive to exceed our customers’ needs and wishes for fine crystal giftware, décor and jewellery, helping to bring and share sparkle, magic and elegance in their lives.

Our Vision 

To bring joy, beauty and elegance into your life.

Our Brand Message/Tagline

Crystal Beauty & Pure Elegance

Our Company Values


Over 600 years of tradition, craftsmanship, and heritage. Learning from the past creates the strength of tomorrow and makes us what we are today: The Masters of Crystal.


Loyalty, integrity, respect. We place a high value on establishing long-term relationships through teamwork and co-operation with our business partners, consumers, and employees.


Education is our future. Continued employee education, on-going R&D into new technologies, and constant product innovation are tho cornerstone of a strong foundation. 

 Customer-centric: Our Customer is our focus. Surpassing the needs and wishes of our customers, both internal and external, is the primary goal of every employee.

Inspiration is the essence of a great masterpiece. Nurturing creativity allows us bring timeless inspiration to all generations, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

 Originality: Taking the untrodden path creates a neverending, magical symphony of light that transcends time.
Social Responsibility:  Unique solutions, distinctive design, artistic approach. Our actions shape our community. Our corporate philosophy of social responsibility is why we created the Preciosa Foundation. Through its various activities, sponsorships and donations, we give back to the community, helping to create a better tomorrow for our children.
 Accent on Excellence: The whole is the sum of its parts. In every way, in everything we do, we are attentive to the smallest detail, because only by focusing on the minute can we create the excellence of the whole.