The Masters of Crystal

Company History

Nestled amongst the picturesque valleys of the 14th century Jizera mountains, the small glow from a lonely craftsman’s kiln lights up the bitter cold of one late winter‘s night.  Labouring tirelessly over his hot fire, he meticulously mixes, melts, shapes, and polishes, paying critical attention to every note, every nuance.  The result is a sparkling symphony of crystal and light, whose elegant melody has since become one of the Czech Republic’s longest and finest traditions.
To this day crystal’s natural sparkle captures the imagination of novices and discerning connoisseurs alike. And, like a true masterpiece, it holds the mysteries of century-old traditions while it’s simple natural beauty enchants and transcends generations, cultures and time.

1376 - Modest Beginnings: the first glassmaking kiln is fired up (Vysoké nad Jizerou)

1548 - Growth of a New Industry: individual glassmakers combine resources to create the first glassmaking factory (Mšeno nad Nisou)

1711 - New Technologies: birth of Bohemian crystal and roots of Preciosa’s traditions and heritage: The Fišer borthers, glass Mastercraftmen, bring the secrets of crystal cutting and polishing to northern Bohemia

1724 - A Rising Star: first factory specialized in manufacturing and export of crystal chandeliers (Práchni u Kamenického Šenova)

1725 - Fit for Royalty: Czech chandeliers are ordered for the Royal Courts - Versailles and Fontainbleu palaces of Louis XV, Sultan Osman III of the Ottoman Empire, and Empress Elizabeth of Russia

1743 - The Original Maria Theresa Chandelier: Czech Mastercraftsmen create a timeless antique in honour of the coronation of Maria Theresa

1760 - World Markets: Bohemian crystal jewellery and glass from the Jizera mountains is exported worldwide

1905 - A Notable Visit: Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Bohemia officially visits the glassmakers of Jablonec nad Nisou

1918 - Evolution of Crystal Manufacturing:  cutting and polishing of stones, beads, and chandelier trimmings are added to the crystal repertoire

1945 - Consolidation: the seven main crystal factories create a strategic partnership, forming the Preciosa group

1948 - Incorporation: Preciosa is officially incorporated
(The word Preciosa is derived from the Latin adjective precious meaning precious, rare, or noble).

1994 - Foundation: Preciosa Figurky, s.r.o. is founded, the third company in the Preciosa Group

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