The Masters of Crystal

Care for Crystal Jewellery

General Recommendations
Taking fine jewellery off before applying make-up or powder ensures greater brilliance of the crystal.
Jewellery should be protected from long-term exposure to water or demanding wear and tear (e.g. while exercising).
Crystal jewellery is naturally fragile and should be handled and stored with care.

Care for crystal jewellery
Polish jewellery with a soft cloth in the case of regular use.

Maintaining Your Crystal Jewellery
When worn regularly, jewellery can be polished with a soft cloth to restore its sparkle and brilliance.
Do not use abrasjves, harsh or chlorine-based cleaning agents to clean as this could damage the surface.
Do not clean jewellery in the dishwasher.
Jewellery can also be cleaned professionaly by ultrasound at select jewellery shops.

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