The Masters of Crystal

Wild Nature

A deep tropical jungle in bright humid technicolor.  The scorching arid deserts, sun beating down incessantly.  The cold darkness of the mysterious ocean depths.  They are the far reaches of our planet where predator and prey live, unseen by human eyes, in delicate symbiosis.  This is nature at its wildest. From these places of untainted wilderness comes Preciosa’s Wild Nature collection.  Brilliantly sparkling crystals breathe fire into each uniquely hand-blown glass piece, making it vibrate with life, as if just snatched from its wild habitat.

Untamed wilderness has long both captivated and been revered by man, becoming inextricably woven into our own ancestral past.  Each piece in the exotic Wild Nature collection is thus chosen not only for its wild beauty, but also for its symbolism and sacred place in our history.  The curvaceous heron, for example, is a symbol of prosperity in Ancient Egypt, of curiosity and determination in Native American, an in China mythology it symbolizes strength, purity and patience.  The beautiful scarlet ibis represents wisdom.  The fast antelope is the protector of rainfall and the gift of the harvest.  Or the mighty buffalo, which embodies family harmony and faithful partnership.






African Elephant

Scarlet Ibis





Bengal Tiger

Andalusian Horse

Raging Bull




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