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A collection of pencils with Preciosa crystals

A collection of pencils with Preciosa crystals

Dear customers,

We would like to present our new collection of pencils with a highly brilliant coloured crystal from Preciosa. 

You may think that a pencil is just an everyday writing implement, but you would be wrong. 

Even pencils can become a small piece of art which will enchant your clients or business partners with its elegance and sparkle.

A perfect example of such a small piece of art is the high quality pencil from the workshop of the KOH - I - NOOR Company which has been decorated like the elegant pen with cut stones made by Preciosa.


 0968 00

 0968 70


 0969 70


Each set contains 10 pencils and they can only be purchased in sets.

You will receive FREE gift packaging (an organza bag) with each pencil.

When placing your order, you can also order an empty pen holder with logo Preciosa, which will better present the collection at your shop.



Organza bag

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