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The glass nail file collection

The glass nail file collection

Dear customers,

We would like to introduce you to our collection of exclusive glass nail files.

The individual glass nail files are decorated with cut Preciosa stones whose brilliance makes these original Czech glass nail files special in a very elegant way.

Each glass nail file is equipped with a hologram which confirms the originality of the Blažek glass nail file.  There is a life-long guarantee on the function of the glass nail file.

The glass nail file has been patented by the Blažek Company in the following countries:
the USA – American patent no. OS 6, 488, 034 B1
Australia – Australian patent no. 728029
Brazil – Brazilian patent no. PI 9806188-7A
the European Union – European patent no. EPO 925 003 B1
France – French utility model no. 29823492.0

Each glass nail file will be supplied with a velvet and a paper cover.

The customer will receive a special certificate with more detailed information about the product along with each nail file.

 Velvet cover

 Paper cover




 Glass Nail Files - big







Glass Nail Files - small











Stand for Glass Nail Files



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