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Czech Female Entrepreneur Awards for 2012

Preciosa Figurky has become a partner for the 5th annual Czech Female Entrepreneur Awards for 2012. This project aims to reward and support small, medium-sized and large companies in the Czech Republic which are 100% owned by Czech women and which have reported long-term excellent results. At the same time, the project should also raise the idea of female solidarity, cooperation, mutuality and acknowledgement.

The official lunch for the jury members and partners in the 2012 Czech Female Entrepreneur Awards was held on 16. 5. 2012. Preciosa Figurky took care of the decoration of the official table settings, amongst other things.

The 10th club meeting of the Czech Female Entrepreneur Awards with Blanka Matragi took place on 11.6.2012. During this evening, the members and partners of the Czech Female Entrepreneur Awards were able to meet this significant Czech designer and businesswoman living in Lebanon who has received the European Art Award, the Salvador Dali International Award, the “2002 František Kupka” National Award and the title of a significant Czech Woman Abroad. The evening’s main theme was: “Why you should never give up or I keep on going”. We were therefore able to spend time with a woman who is an inspiration to many.


2011Lathar Meurer荣誉大奖

宝仕奥莎为今年在土耳其安塔利亚举行的欧洲足球教练员协会预备了多个水晶奖杯。该奖项用以嘉奖协会获得终生成就奖及获得其他重要奖项的成员。今年,最高得奖人为土耳其分部的负责人:Ismail Dilbe先生



宝仕奥莎水晶画展于2011年8月23日在布拉格Helas New Encounters Club顺利举行

在正式会议和晚宴活动中, 无数VIP宾客及Mr Radim Jančura( Student Agency企业老总)都为水晶画的神奇迷离和闪耀夺目而倾倒不已


The DHL UNICREDIT export prize lit up by our trophies

The prestigious competition, established by DHL Express, has awarded prizes to small and medium-sized companies in the Czech Republic under the auspices of the government CzechTrade Agency since 1997 and thus underlines the significance which these companies have for the Czech economy. The Ministry of Trade and Industry assumed the patronage of the official awards ceremony.
Preciosa could not be absent from such a prestigious event and it prepared made-to-measure crystal trophies for the winning exporters.


The Czech Businesswomen Awards and our crystal trophy

宝仕奥莎设计团队为其定制的水晶奖杯充分体现了事业成功,作风低调的女企业家风范,与此同时,布拉格国会中心为此举办的颁奖仪式更为现场增添了浓浓温情,颁奖典礼由Agentura Helas s.r.o 鼎力承办。


The 4th British Golf Cup supported by Preciosa

The 4th annual British Golf Cup organised by the Helas New Encounters Club took place at the Dýšina Golf Club in Pilsen on 16.9.2011. On the beautiful sunny day when the tournament was held, we not only prepared the glittering trophies for the winners, but also a stand with examples of our products for the participants.
Our designers once again created beautiful trophies which supported the victory of the winners.

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