Preciosa Newsletter No. 4 | APRIL 2010

The gurgling lighting object

It’s not a coincidence that the name of one of the most renowned hotels in the Middle East includes the word “Palace.” The appearance of this luxurious six-story hotel, originally built as the Sultan’s house for his guests, is markedly reminiscent of such a building.

From the front, the Al Bustan Palace Muscat is surrounded by lovely beaches on the coast of the Arabian Sea and framed by jagged mountains from the back. The adjacent pleasure gardens’ bright greenery freshens up the sandy, rocky environment. Not more than eight kilometers away from Ruwi, the city’s commercial and financial center, the hotel is an ideal and attractive place for both business trips and vacations.

Under the lighting column formed from cut-crystal prisms and spheres, an exceptional fountain-shaped glass lighting fixture dominates the palace’s atrium. This brilliant lighting object, three meters high and weighing more than one ton, testifies to the Czech glassmakers’ craftsmanship. The central mouth-blown part is covered with hand-cut glass flowers. The leaves are polished, save for their bottom parts made of matte crystal glass. The entire object is illuminated by LED light sources. The production of the fountain took almost six months - the leaves themselves took two months to cool down.

Preciosa newsletter
The iridescent radial giant THE REGENCY CASINO MONT PARNES
ATHENS | Greece, 2006

The iridescent radial giant

Mt. Parnitha National Park spreads out on the Attica peninsula, the most lucrative area of Greece, no more than 32 km from Athens, the country’s capital city. More »

Preciosa newsletter
Emotions aroused at dawn AURORA | Czech Republic, 2010

Emotions aroused at dawn

The very moment when the growing force of sun rays begins to change the dark night into bright day has been captured in this lighting fixture. More »

Preciosa newsletter
Fair Light & Building in Frankfurt PHENOMENA | Frankfurt, Germany, 2010

Fair Light & Building in Frankfurt

Why exactly the name “Phenomena”? Our inspiration came from natural phenomena that are unusual, arresting and rare. Just like our new lighting objects presented at the Frankfurt Fair. More »

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