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Rocailles belong to the most used type of seed beads; they are one of the most typical types of beads that can be seen.

They began to be made in Italian Venice in the 15th Century; they have been made in Bohemia since the 18th Century.
Petite round seed beads, usually available in sizes from 1,5 to 8 mm are created by cutting of cylindrically shaped tubes with round or quadrangular hole into small pieces with flat crosscut. These are further rounded and polished by heat in a furnace in a special mixture. Rocailles are assorted and packed after washing and drying.

Note: The title Rocailles is sometimes used as a name for all types of seed beads in general.

Cut Rocailles
2-3 facets are cut on some seed beads/Rocailles; these facets create a shiny effect (sizes 8/0 -11/0 and 15/0).
Miniature cut seed beads called Charlotte Beads made in size 13/0 are used mainly for making of unique Indian cultic items, decorations and souvenirs.
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