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Preciosa® (The Preciosa Ornela company) is one of the most prominent suppliers of glass components for fashion jewellery industry in the world. Indeed, the company is world No.1 in the production of seed beads. This unique product cannot be compared to any other type of beads thanks to its technology, appearance, product range and qualities.

Glass colours
The colour scheme of the glass tubes used for seed bead manufacture is huge. The colours can be divided into several basic groups – transparent, non-transparent (opaque), alabaster (semi-transparent), atlas and sometimes even combined handmade.

Coating effects 
The seed bead colour card is further enhanced by various types of coating. Lustre decor and Iris décor in several colour shades (sphinx, brown, blue, green, red, rainbow) are very often used for seed beads coating.

Hole decoration
Hole decoration, the so-called colour lining in a very wide colour scale, is quite often used next to coating when decorating seed beads. The most used type of lining is the silver lining. The difference between a round and a square hole can be perfectly seen right thanks to the silver lining; the lining creates exceptional mirror effects in square holes.

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seed beads rocailles 1
Rocailles belong to the most used type of seed beads; they are one of the most typical types of beads that can be seen.
8.11.2011 8:29:50 | read 15490x | Whole article

Drops (Drop Beads)

seed beads drops 1
The shape of a drop with a hole near the tip is characteristic for this seed bead.
8.11.2011 8:30:14 | read 9876x | Whole article


seed beads bugles 1
Bugles are seed beads in the shape of a cylinder with a longer length (comparing to the diameter).
8.11.2011 8:30:23 | read 8653x | Whole article


seed beads twin 1
Twin, a new seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, offers much more creativity and possibilities.
8.11.2011 8:30:50 | read 13261x | Whole article


seed beads 2cuts 1
This crosscut used to be done by double cutting; therefore they are called 2cut beads.
8.11.2011 8:30:31 | read 8479x | Whole article


seed beads 3cuts 1
Three-cuts are seed beads in the shape of two-cuts cut from tubes with round hole and with the surface in the shape of a hexagon.
8.11.2011 8:30:58 | read 8392x | Whole article

Tubes, Pipes

seed beads tubes pipes 2
...and other: Delica, Unica, Macco
8.11.2011 8:31:07 | read 7543x | Whole article

Erzatz, Longzatz

seed beads erzatz longzatz 1
8.11.2011 8:31:16 | read 7687x | Whole article


seed beads farfalle 1
(sometimes referred to as Peanut Beads)
8.11.2011 8:31:24 | read 8771x | Whole article


seed beads triangles 1
These seed beads have a crosscut of a triangle or a twisted triangle with a round or triangular hole in the middle (straight or twisted).
8.11.2011 8:31:31 | read 7594x | Whole article


seed beads oblongs 1
These seed beads have a crosscut of a rectangle with a round hole in the middle.
8.11.2011 8:31:38 | read 7371x | Whole article


seed beads squares 1
These seed beads have a crosscut of a square or a twisted square with a round or a square hole in the middle (straight or twisted).
8.11.2011 8:31:45 | read 7431x | Whole article


seed beads corolla 1
These seed beads have a crosscut of a four leaf flower or a twisted flower with a round hole in the middle.
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Sizes of Beads

Beads are made in several size ranges.
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8.11.2011 8:30:03 | read 9192x
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