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(angl.: Pressed Beads)

The infinite shape variety is characteristic for glass pressed beads by the Preciosa® TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADSTM brand.

Countless amounts of designs in a wide size range include standard shapes (i.e. balls, cylinders, cubes, olives, drops, hearts), floral, figural and oriental designs and large number of others, so-called fantasy shapes.
Pressed beads are created by shaping melted glass rods into metal moulds with needles (mainly mechanically). Another step is removing glass overspill  and smoothing the bead surface using sand and water (tumbling, washing in water). Some types of beads are also fire polished before the coating is applied.
Pressed beads by the Preciosa® TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADSTM brand are made in all existing glass colours – from transparent glass to opals, alabasters, atlases, deep and silk colours and exceptional combined glass. Large amount of glass colours is further enhanced by a wide scale of finishes – for example lustre coating, iris coating, vacuum coating and other decors.

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