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Fire polished beads were initially made with the aim to look similar to cut gemstones. Same as with gemstones, there are several cuts that are used on glass beads – the most frequently used are diamond cut, step cut, reach cut.

That way a big amount of shapes is created, each in several sizes. Facets cut on either a sandstone or a corundum grindstone are gleam less and scratched, therefore they have to be polished. Heating by fire was formerly used to polish the beads (that is where the name of the beads comes from), when the surface of glass was slightly melted at the temperature of around 600 °C and then it merged into shiny facets – that way the beads gained a high shine. Electric furnaces are usually used for cut bead polishing nowadays.
Fire polished beads by the Preciosa® TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADSTM brand, currently made in thirteen basic shape versions, ten basic cuts and in seven types of glass, excel thanks to their shine that can be further enhanced by a wide range of finishes – such as iris coating, lustre coating, staining, vacuum coating and many others.

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