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Glass Beads

Glass beads have been made in the Jablonec area since the 16th century and sold under the Preciosa® TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADSTM brand to more than 80 countries. 

In addition to our unique seed beads assortment, we offer the full range of other types of beads.

Combinations of all bead shapes, sizes, colours and finishes available in Preciosa Ornela present an inexhaustible amount of options to everybody who seeks originality and uniqueness.

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Pressed Beads

pressed beads 1
(angl.: Pressed Beads)
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Fire Polished Beads

fire polished beads 1
Fire polished beads were initially made with the aim to look similar to cut gemstones. Same as with gemstones, there are several cuts that are used on glass beads – the most frequently used are diamond cut, step cut, reach cut.
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Imitation Pearls

imitation pearls 1
Imitation pearls were originally created to imitate genuine natural pearls.
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Lamp Beads

lamp beads 1
They are the only type of seed beads that are exclusively handmade, which makes each piece original. There aren’t two exactly identical beads, not even in series with uniform design.
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Wooden Beads

wooden beads 1
Not glass, but wood…
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