The Masters of Crystal


royi sal jewelry at jck las vegas 2016

Preciosa will sparkle in the original jewellery at JCK Show 2016, Las Vegas

Preciosa and Royi Sal represent two strong companies that build their expertise and craftmanship on a long tradition and generations of people who became real masters in the glass and metal processing. Two experts with a responsible approach to their customers create together the most valuable jewellery in the market. You can admire the result of this cooperation at JCK Show in the Royi Sal booth No. 3146. more
The StarDance winners - Marie Doležalová a Marek Zelinka

StarDance 2015: A Look Back at a Singularly Spectacular Event

On October 17th, 2015 ten dance pairs hit the dance floor in the Czech Republic to kick off the much awaited 7th annual StarDance competition, the licensed equivalent of Britain‘s Strictly Come Dancing. This sparkling gem of the Czech fall broadcast season was, in the end, closely followed by almost 2 million people, or 50% of country’s adult viewing audience – both live, on screen, and on the internet, where fans fervently discussed each night’s events to the smallest detail. more
PRECIOSA Lighting - Crystal Automata

Crystal Automata: mechanical marvels at the Milan Design Week 2016

We are heading to the center of design with crystal installations inspired by mechanical movement and the fascinating craftsmanship behind glassmaking and clockworks.
Cubic Zirconia Innovations 2016

We Give You Our Heart - Heart Briolette Cut

PRECIOSA Cubic Zirconia and Gems presents it latest product innovation: the Heart Briolette Cut

Like every spring, we have once again prepared for you, our customers, an exciting new product. This time we didn’t look to the hottest trends, but decided to come out with an evergreen favourite that indelibly belongs in every fine jewellery collection: the heart. more