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What is crystal? Is it a raw material?

Originally "Crystal" meant a mineral
The word “Crystal” comes from the Hellenic (the ancient Greek). Greeks used the expression for ice that is characterized by its purity, transparency and coolness.  When they discovered colorless, pure and transparent mono-crystals of silica in mountains - at first sight similar to ice - they used “ice” to name the much-sought material, which has been known since that time as "rock-crystal".
Nowadays "Crystal" means special top quality man made product
A high price and inaccessibleness of the mountain crystal were an impulse for seeking a method how to produce - artificially - a material of similar excellent qualities. The technology of pure glass manufacturing was the right way how to accomplish that.  Nowadays, the name "Crystal" is used for the material that is being produced artificially.
Preciosa produces the Top Quality Crystal for the jewellery components production in its own glass works. Preciosa developed its own crystal glass melting formula and its own technology for glass cutting and glazing and other glass refinement techniques, as well. To learn more about crystal click here 

What is crystal made from?

Crystal is made from a compound of the purest raw materials such as silica sand, sodium, potassium carbonate, minium and other materials melted at high temperatures. The used High Pure Crystal Technology and advanced formulas guarantee the top quality of Preciosa Crystal. To learn more click here

Why is the "Czech Crystal" so famous?

Bohemia (the part of the Czech Republic) became a very important center of the glass production in the Middle Ages and the tradition of the glass production has been developed for centuries. The Czech Crystal was well reputed soon afterwards and has become a synonym of the top quality glass of high brilliance and extraordinary optical features, glass easy to cut and polish.  Preciosa has taken up successfully the knowledge of the precedent generations of glass-makers and its unique know-how of crystal glass melting and cutting has made Preciosa the prominent world supplier of jewellery stones, beads and other products. There is nobody else who could offer you such Top Quality Crystal. To learn more click here.

How can I recognise the Genuine Czech Crystal?

The Preciosa Head Quarters and its Glass Works are located in the Northern Bohemia, in the real heart of Europe. Therefore the Preciosa name guarantees itself that you bought the real Top Quality Czech Crystal, crystal of extraordinary qualities and aesthetic features. Our company also uses the label of "Preciosa® GENUINE CZECH CRYSTALTM" verifying that products come from Bohemia, the Czech Republic. To learn more click here

What is the quality difference in stones from Preciosa and the other producers?

Preciosa belongs among the top world producers of jewellery components. Apart from the Austrian company Swarovski there is no further producer who can show such a wide range assortment and such top quality crystal glass. Preciosa products are noted for their top quality cut, color shade fastness and high brilliance. Preciosa offers top quality products for a reasonable price and reliable and complete services.

How do I recognise a Preciosa product? 

The Preciosa goods is always delivered in a package marked by the Preciosa logo.  Moreover, a new seal has been put on envelopes and other packages since 1st of August 2009 to identify easily and clearly the Preciosa goods and to enhance the confidence of our customers. Our seal has several protecting elements and Preciosa guarantees the original quality and quantity of the goods in this envelope. To learn more click here

Why there are no prices lists on the Precisa website? 

Prices differ for whole and retail sellers and they also differ in particular territories as they are stated in several world currencies. Our Preciosa Customer Center will give you more accurate information on prices if requested.

What is your standard delivery time? 

The delivery time depends on the ordered assortment, the volume of the order and the actual situation in our finished goods stock. The goods of the top-selling assortment (e.g. chatons in the crystal color) is generally in stock and can be delivered by return. The delivery time can extend up to several weeks when you order goods on a special request (particular assortment and /or colors) and/or when you place orders of many items.

Does Peciosa supply its products to other producers of crystal components? 

Preciosa does not supply its products to any other producer of crystal components. All the crystal components produced by Preciosa are sold under the Preciosa trademark. More about Preciosa trademarks find here

What does "Gross" mean?

Gross (abb. "grs", "gro") – is a quantitative unite that is used in the jewellery industry.
1 gross represents 144 pieces. Our goods is packed into envelopes or boxes in the quantity of grosses – or of their sub/multiples.
Another quantitative unite is a dozen (abb. "doz") that represents 12 pieces. The conversion chart table find here.

What is "Foiling"?

Foiling is a pure silver film (a thin layer) that is chemically leached on the bottom side of a stone. The silver film works like a mirror and multiplies the brilliance of a perfectly cut stone. One more protecting warnish layer is put on the silver film to increase its damage resistance. To learn more about the production technology click here

Do you produce custom made goods?

Preciosa follows customer demand, fashion trends and designers’ invention and amends its assortment continuously. Our customers can generally order only goods stated in the actual catalogues and/or offered in special actions. The production of custom made goods depends on the quantity ordered and the technological possibilities.
To get more information please, contact our Customer Center.

Are Preciosa products environment friendly? 

Preciosa has done its best to run business in the accordance with the rules of environmental protection since its establishment. The internal rules of the Environmental Policy have been determined and they guarantee not only the safe and ecological production of products but also the use and the implementation of safe and ecological work procedures and technologies. We can assure you that every product meets the criteria of the safe product. To get more information click here.

Where do you sell your products?

Our products are sold all over the world. Preciosa exports its goods into more than 100 countries. For more information on our sale activities in your region please, contact our Customer Center  or any of our representations (please, see Contacts).

Does Preciosa offer brand products that cannot be supplied by any other producer?

Preciosa has in its offer brand specialties that no other company supplies. We can mention - as an example - the original colours like Aqua Bohemica, Gold Beryl, Green Turmaline, Light Burgundy, Coral, Alexandrite and others.

 Where to order? Contact us! 

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