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Beads and Pendants

Preciosa Beads and Pendants are available in an endless number of shapes, sizes and colours that can be used in a variety of ways.

The Round Beads and Rondells are the most demanded items with a hole. The main offer is complemented with a line of interesting bead and pendant shapes that can be combined in an endless number of variations. Our beads and pendants can be used for the production of fashion jewellery as well as of other trendy items such as accessories, apparel decorations, embroidery etc.

MC Beads
Preciosa Machine Cut Beads are precisely cut. Their durability and perfection of cut assure jewellery manufacturers that the crystal will not wear down or lose its brilliance. Our exclusive colour selection of assorted red shades is one of the largest in the marketplace. MC Beads have multiple uses. They can be used in jewellery production by stringing them or in the clothing industry by sewing them on. They are also ideal for hobby and craft enthusiasts.

MC Pendants
Our geometrically precise cuts of larger stones guarantee optimal dispersion of light and brilliance. MC Pendants can be strung together with other MC Beads or can be used in combination with Preciosa Nacre Pearls. They can also be sewn on individually, depending on one´s imagination.

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Colours and Effects

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Shapes Overview

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Most Common Units of Measure

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