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For centuries, Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic, has been known for its crystal. It was here where the art of crystal cutting was perfected.
Today, Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique PRECIOSA®Hi-Pure CrystalTM technology. Our crystal products possess extraordinary optical and aesthetic characteristics.
The PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech Crystal™ trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality Czech product available only from Preciosa.


Fashion Jewellery Stones 
Preciosa’s machine cut Fashion Jewellery Stones are available in a wide range of colours and metal coatings. Besides having traditional shades, we also have colours that are exclusively ours.The entire Preciosa colour palette guarantees stability of shades, perfect colour...more


Flat Back Stones
Preciosa Flat Back Stones are easily applied to a wide range of materials; whether you are gluing, hot-fixing or sewing them on. Preciosa’s most exclusive product is the MC Chaton Rose VIVA12®...more

    Beads and Pendants
Preciosa Beads and Pendants are available in an endless number of shapes, sizes and colours that can be used in a variety of ways. The Round Beads and Rondells are the most demanded items with a hole....more
    Nacre Pearls
Preciosa Nacre Pearls are a superb imitation of natural or cultivated pearls. They have a crystal ball core which has several coats of nacre applied, using a technology that is very similar to the natural production of pearls...more
    Chandelier Trimmings
Preciosa‘s carefully compiled assortment of Chandelier Trimmings allows for a wide variety of applications. Diverse shapes, colours and metal coatings are the features that make them multi-purpose.The high quality of crystal...more
Cabochons are a special collection of stones created from hand–moulded glass. Using traditional glass making techniques, we produce them in an exciting array of shape and colour combinations. Preciosa’s opaque and transparent colours imitate...more
    Fashion & Fashion Jewellery Components
Cupchains, Bandings, Stones in Settings, Rondels, Balls  etc. are of great help for fashion and fashion jewellery manufacturers and designers. These top quality components with perfectly cut Preciosa MC stones are used...more

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