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A Mastery of New
Preciosa Fine Jewellery Stones are cut exclusively from synthetic crystals the highest quality of which is controlled by modern spectral methods. We can thus guarantee the maximum optical purity of the final product. Using extremely precise cutting and polishing machines, we are able to cut round stones from cubic zirconia in sizes ranging from 0.50 to 8.00 mm.
Our offer includes 20 colours and a variety of stone shapes. Preciosa also supplies round stones cut from other materials, such as synthetic spinel, synthetic corundum and nanogems.
The outstanding feature of these exclusive synthetic materials is their exceptional stability which is important for all jewellery setting techniques, including the wax casting.

The Star Effect
This optical phenomenon appears inside each Preciosa Cubic Zirconia Stone, testifying to the superior quality of the stone and its absolutely precise cut.


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