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Preciosa Components

  • Tradition - The PRECIOSA® trademark was first registered in Bohemia in 1915
  • Range - Preciosa offers the widest range of components for the jewellery and fashion industries. Our vast inventory includes more than 425 thousand components.
  • Quality - Preciosa is the number one choice of customers looking for quality products
  • Origin - All 425 000 articles are made in the Czech Republic
  • Innovation - Preciosa is a leader in developing new technology and methods to enhance our line of glass and create new shapes and colours
  • Collaboration with the leading colour authority - Preciosa has collaborated with Pantone, a world renowned American company known for their expertise in forecasting colour trends. Together, we worked to develop a Preciosa® & Pantone® Jewellery Colour Palette that has the latest colour trends for the seasons.
  • Global scope - We are always in touch with our customers through our foreign offices
  • Sustainability - Preciosa  closely follows requirements to create a safe working environment with ecologically friendly equipment



Exceptional optical and aesthetic qualities are characteristic of the PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech CrystalTM. Perfect cut, high brilliance, a large assortment of shapes and size ranges and a large selection of colours make Preciosa the world leader in the industry.
The PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech CrystalTM trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality Czech product, available only from Preciosa...more



Glass beads and seed beads bearing the PRECIOSA® Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand are known all over the world for their top quality and their unmatched scope of shapes, sizes and colours. Preciosa is the number one producer of rocaille seed beads in...more


PRECIOSA® Cubic Zirconia & Gems are products of the highest quality made by the world’s leading manufacturer of crystals. The brand gets its name from the STAR effect in which a microscopic, eight-pointed star appears inside the stone as a result of its precise cut. Preciosa guarantees the highest precision cuts and optical purity in each crystal. We have a large selection of stones available in all shapes and sizes that include cubic zirconia, nanogems and spinels. ...more

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